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    Sustainability is an approach to establishing ethical business, manufacturing, and product systems that intentionally avoid or even undo negative environmental effects.

    What Is Sustainability?

    Climate change concerns have increased significantly in the past decade, causing many consumers to exert their financial power by putting dollars into businesses with ethical sustainable practices — and decidedly not into those without them.

    Sustainability pertains to all aspects of a business’ product and operational processes, including:

    • Product materials or ingredients and where they’re sourced from;
    • Carbon emissions throughout the supply chain;
    • Packaging materials and waste; and
    • Vendor partner practices.

    All of these — and many more — comprise a business’ sustainability effort, leading to either a collective positive or negative impact on the environment.

    Sustainability is important for the environment and business success alike. Consumers are increasingly demanding change from traditional business practices, putting their dollars toward businesses that not only offer sustainable products but likewise advocate for change. Brands able to successfully adopt processes and procedures that allow them to reduce their carbon footprint are poised to win.

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