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    Soft Bounce

    A soft bounce is when an email fails to be delivered due to a temporary reason, such as a recipient’s inbox being full or the email server being down.

    What Is a Soft Bounce?

    There are two main types of email bounces. While a hard bounce is due to something permanent, such as the recipient’s email address not existing, a soft bounce occurs for temporary reasons. In this case, the recipient’s email address is valid, but something else might be going wrong, such as their inbox being full or the email being too long.

    When sending marketing emails, many businesses use analytics to measure their overall bounce rates. Since some email spam filters can flag bounces, it’s important that businesses continuously monitor their bounce rate and consistently clean out their email lists to remove any addresses that have bounced multiple times.

    Another way businesses can avoid soft bounces is by creating two opt-in layers — once upon adding their address to a list and again by verifying their address through an emailed link. This process can ensure that email addresses and servers are functioning properly.

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