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    Social Selling

    Social selling is when businesses directly connect with potential customers on social media channels to develop a connection, build loyalty, and drive sales leads.

    What Is Social Selling?

    Many brands have been using social media to market to existing and potential customers for years, but social selling takes these initiatives one step further. When businesses use social selling tactics, they build meaningful relationships directly with potential customers on social media to help develop brand trust and loyalty.

    In most cases, businesses will use social media to explain how their products help solve problems that their customer base might be facing; connect with customers’ interests and needs; and authentically engage in conversation with customers. 

    Some brands also use social listening tools, which can help them identify which potential customers are already exploring the brand or how the brand’s competitors are engaging with customers. This data enables brands to strategically engage new prospects through social selling.

    Social selling is critical to today’s ecommerce landscape because customers are increasingly using social media to find, browse, and purchase products.

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