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    Social Commerce

    Social commerce occurs when brands and retailers use social media channels to market and sell their products.

    What Is Social Commerce?

    Modern consumers aren’t solely shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. Most are finding reviews, researching products, and making purchases on the channels they most prefer. That’s why social commerce is critical for brands and retailers who want to win business today.

    When done well, social commerce can be a one-stop-shop for customers that offers convenience and speed. They can go to their favorite social channel to find products, learn about product details, and ultimately check out — without ever leaving the site.

    Social commerce is also good for building brand awareness. As potential customers — including influencers — share and engage with brand posts, the social network does the marketing for the brand. Customers gain trust in the brand, and the brand can potentially reach new shoppers. 

    Social media has become the preferred method of shopping for many Generation Zers, so brands that use social commerce can win business.

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