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    Shopping Feeds

    A shopping feed is a file that businesses can use to send product information to websites and marketplaces that sell directly to consumers. Shopping feeds help bring products to life on the digital shelf.

    What Are Shopping Feeds?

    A shopping feed is a quick and easy way to send detailed product information — including a product’s description, price, availability, specifications, and more — to a retail marketplace or website. Merchants, manufacturers, or suppliers can use shopping feeds to send comprehensive and accurate product data anywhere their customers shop.

    Because product catalogs can quickly become unwieldy, especially as product data changes over time, shopping feeds are beneficial to brands, as they help brands maintain the most up-to-date details. These feeds also account for version control and help brands ensure they’re circulating consistent, accurate information.

    When businesses send a shopping feed to an endpoint, they typically use a common language for product details and meet the requirements of the retailer’s system. Successful brands have shopping feed management systems in place to help them flexibly adapt to the requirements of each endpoint, which ultimately enables them to get product data to consumers efficiently.

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