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    Session Recording

    Session recording is the process of recording a website visitor’s engagement with a web page to collect information that would help a brand optimize the user experience.

    What Is Session Recording?

    The best way for brands to enhance the user experience on their websites is to collect data directly from consumers. Session recordings enable the brand to see exactly how consumers are — or aren’t — interacting with particular elements on their web pages.

    A session recording typically captures aspects of the user’s site engagement, such as mouse movement, button or link clicks, or scrolling on or across pages. These recordings — which can occur on desktop or mobile devices — give the brand critical insight into how their users are engaging with their site experience.

    If a brand views user session recordings and finds that users are getting stuck at a particular button, for example, the brand can adjust the color, shape, size, or clickability of the button. Brands can also use session recording data to identify where and why users are exiting pages or bouncing from the site altogether.

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