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    Product Mix

    A product mix is the assortment of products and services that a brand offers to consumers.

    What Is a Product Mix?

    Most businesses diversify their offerings by creating a product mix of related items that represent their brand and connect with consumer interests. A sporting goods brand, for example, might sell workout equipment, apparel, sport-specific items, and more — all of which comprise that brand’s product mix.

    Product mixes are often broken up into product lines for more effective categorization. The sporting goods brand might have a line of sporting apparel and sublines of different types, such as shirts, shorts, or accessories.

    Within those product lines and sublines, brands can categorize even further by identifying product variations. A single shirt might have size or color variations, for example.

    Crucial to a healthy product mix is balancing choice with consistency. It’s critical for brands to offer consumers several purchasing options, but if they offer products that fall too far outside their branding, they risk looking inconsistent, which can hurt consumer engagement.

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