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    Product Assortment

    Product assortment refers to the mix of items that a business or retailer sells to customers, including the categories of products and the types of products within each category. It’s important to include product information with these products (product information meaning data and content such as copy or images).

    What Is a Product Assortment?

    Product assortment is the variety of merchandise that either a business directly makes or a retailer sells. Businesses typically track their product assortment according to two categorizations: breadth and depth.

    Breadth refers to the number of different types of products or product lines that a business sells. A grocery store, for instance, might sell produce, dairy, meats, and other categories of food.

    Depth, on the other hand, refers to the different types of items within each category. For example, the grocery store’s produce section might house five different kinds of apples, among many other items.

    Product assortments are important to both businesses and consumers. A product assortment strategy allows a business to narrow in on the right arrangement of items to drive sales and reach customers. It also helps the business create a brand image of its product offerings, which can be helpful to customers when they’re making purchasing decisions.

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