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    Personas are archetypes or avatars that businesses create to better understand a group of users, typically customers.

    What Are Personas?

    In order to meet the needs and demands of a certain group, businesses first need to understand who makes up that group. That’s why they often create personas to outline the main traits, demographics, behaviors, and interests of that group.

    The best personas are built using real customer insight and data, including that gathered from surveys, focus groups, and sales analytics. 

    When businesses can draw on data, they can build customer personas that more accurately reflect the actual locations, ages, genders, income levels, and interests of their customers.

    In some cases, businesses will use data to build out personas of their ideal customer — one they aren’t currently reaching. With personas in hand, businesses can adjust their marketing and sales initiatives to best connect with the needs, demands, and interests of these consumers, such as targeting social media ads, segmenting email campaigns, and sending personalized marketing to particular customers.

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