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    Passive Buyer

    A passive buyer is a consumer who isn’t actively looking for a product, but who might be interested in the future, making them prime candidates for customer engagement.

    What Is a Passive Buyer?

    There are generally two types of consumers in the world of ecommerce: active buyers and passive buyers. While the active buyer is intentionally searching for the right product to buy, a passive buyer isn’t currently looking but might in the future. Once they build awareness, passive buyers might become active buyers and, in some cases, brand loyalists.

    Because they haven’t yet shown active interest in a brand or its products, passive buyers are more difficult to engage than active buyers. However, brands can target passive buyers by collecting data on their demographics, interests, needs, and previous purchasing history. With that information, brands can create marketing materials tailored to those details to pull passive buyers into the brand ecosystem.

    Engaging a passive buyer through consistent, omnichannel marketing can also spark engagement and interaction. Encouraging comments on social media posts or promoting new email newsletter campaigns, for example, can turn window shoppers into purchasers.

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