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    Omnichannel Content Management

    Omnichannel content management is the process of organizing the production and publication of content across sales channels to align with a marketing strategy and give consumers a seamless brand experience.

    What Is Omnichannel Content Management?

    Most brands today produce content — such as blog articles, videos, infographics, social posts, product promotions, marketing materials, and more — on various channels within their brand ecosystem. 

    Content on websites, social media accounts, blogs, and other areas give consumers easy access to the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

    Omnichannel content management, however, takes that production process to another level by ensuring every piece of content leads seamlessly to another, creating a seamless and easy pathway that leads consumers to purchase.

    Within an omnichannel content strategy, brands can more effectively tailor content to specific consumers’ needs and build brand awareness no matter where consumers prefer to browse and buy.

    Because an omnichannel content strategy is complex, brands often use content management platforms to stay organized across channels. These platforms have tools for creating content, categorizing it according to a given taxonomy, and scheduling publication strategically.

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