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    Mission Statement

    A mission statement identifies a brand’s overarching purpose and goals, serving as a North Star for the business’ efforts and initiatives.

    What Is a Mission Statement?

    In order for a business to identify and execute on clear goals, they need a strong mission statement that outlines their overarching purpose and their objectives for operating within a specific market or category. 

    Leaders typically create mission statements like this as part of their initial business plan and often revisit the statement to evaluate how they’re measuring against it and whether the statement is still relevant to their business’s progress.

    A mission statement should outline a few main things: what the business does, who they do it for, how they plan to do it, and — most importantly — why they do it. Successful brands are able to concisely identify and articulate these elements in their mission statement, and then use the statement as a guiding light for everything they do.

    Mission statements usually go hand-in-hand with vision statements, which outline what the business hopes to accomplish in the future.

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