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    Machine-Learning Personalization

    Machine-learning personalization is the process of using data sets and data modeling — typically within an artificial intelligence solution — to tailor a webpage, product, or piece of content to a person or group.

    What Is Machine-Learning Personalization?

    Machine learning involves data-gathering algorithms that help artificial intelligences learn and adjust accordingly. In today’s ecommerce world, where consumers increasingly demand customized marketing and purchasing options, machine-learning personalization is a boon. 

    This technology gathers, organizes, and derives insight from users to create tailored experiences for them. Classifier algorithms, for example, use information from users (such as their demographics, interests, or engagement with a brand) to classify them into groups. From there, they display marketing and product information best aligned with the needs and interests of that group.

    Other forms of machine-learning personalization include technology that uses past purchases to market future ones; algorithms that “score” user behavior and categorize accordingly; and technology that can search manually entered data points for the most relevant. In each of these cases, the tech offers businesses a way to personalize their marketing and sales efforts to particular people or segments.

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