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    Jet Marketplace

    Jet Marketplace was an ecommerce site that allowed shoppers to buy from third-party sellers to find the lowest product prices.

    What Was Jet Marketplace?

    Acquired by Walmart in 2016 and discontinued in 2020 , Jet Marketplace catered to a variety of shoppers, with urban millennials being its largest growing demographic. The marketplace was a members-only shopping club that charged customers an annual membership fee and enabled them to find the lowest prices from third-party sellers.

    Jet sellers applied for a third-party seller account by submitting information about their business, the types of products they sell, and their fulfillment options. Sellers didn’t have to pay a monthly fee to participate in the platform. Instead, they listed the products they sell, which were then placed on aggregate listings by product type, rather than individual brand landing pages.

    Customers benefited from shopping on Jet Marketplace because the model ensured that consumers got low prices. If shoppers paid for returns, bought multiple items at once, or added items with digital tags to their cart, their overall price tag went down.

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