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    Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

    An ideal customer profile (ICP) is an in-depth description of the type of customer — including demographics, interests, and behaviors — that a business identifies as the best fit for a product.

    What Is an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)?

    When developing a sales and marketing strategy, a business typically identifies their perfect customer, the one who best resonates with their product and is most likely to purchase it. Building out an ideal customer profile (ICP) that includes this hypothetical customer’s needs, wants, interests, demographics, challenges, and personality can help the brand tailor their marketing materials to the best possible customer for their product.

    The ideal customer profile (ICP) is different from other audience-generating exercises, like identifying target audiences or building buyer personas. When creating an ICP, the business identifies not just any customer who might purchase their product, but rather the most valuable ones.

    Identifying an ideal customer involves conducting quantitative and qualitative consumer research to see who’s buying similar products, who’s already purchased from the brand, and who’s engaging with the brand across channels. Then, the business would build a profile to drive marketing initiatives.

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