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    Hard Bounce

    A hard bounce is when an email fails to be delivered due to a permanent reason, such as an invalid recipient email address.

    What Is a Hard Bounce?

    When sending an email to a bulk batch of recipients, you might receive a hard or soft bounce error. While a soft bounce refers to a temporary problem like a recipient’s inbox being full, a hard bounce indicates a more permanent problem.

    For businesses that regularly send out mass emails, having too many hard bounces can work against them, as some spam filters can flag this and route future emails to spam folders. That’s why it’s important that email-sending businesses use frequent and effective data hygiene to account for missing or incorrect information on mailing lists.

    It’s also important for businesses to test their emails prior to sending, monitor delivery, and quickly remove inactive recipients from mailing lists to avoid hard bounces. Doing so can help the business stay organized and ensure their emails are reaching the right consumers.

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