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    Expedited Shipping

    Expedited shipping is a delivery option customers can choose in order to receive goods faster than they would with standard shipping.

    What Is Expedited Shipping?

    Expedited shipping has one clear benefit for consumers: speed. As part of the convenience economy, expedited shipping is an option that allows consumers to receive the products they’ve ordered online faster than they would through standard shipping methods. And it can be especially helpful for businesses that sell perishable or fragile items.

    Businesses often allow consumers to choose their preferred shipping method at checkout, and while expedited shipping can be a quick, convenient way to get products into consumer hands, it’s also a more expensive option.

    Because of the higher cost, some businesses don’t offer an expedited shipping option, and some consumers don’t select it when it’s offered. Regardless of whether consumers select that option, however, offering an expedited shipping option is key to communicating to consumers your willingness to provide them with convenient choices. 

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