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    A domain is a web URL that a business owns, which customers can use to access the business’s website.

    What Is a Domain?

    A domain is a URL that enables customers and internet searchers to find a business’ website online. As a sort of “online address,” a domain name is essential to establishing real estate on the internet. 

    For domain names, the unique words the business uses when constructing its domain URL, is important for searchability. Strong, compelling, memorable domain names can differentiate a brand from its competitors and enable customers to quickly and easily access its website.

    Domain names are the string of words that occur after “www.” or “https://” in a URL. They always end in a set of letters that indicates whether they’re unsponsored (e.g., .com or .org), sponsored (e.g., .edu), or country-based (e.g., Each domain is original, so no two organizations or individuals can use the same one. Most brands use their business name as their domain name to maintain consistent branding across their web presence.

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