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    Distributed Commerce

    Distributed commerce is when potential customers are able to purchase products that are embedded into existing ecommerce content.

    What Is Distributed Commerce?

    Today’s customers increasingly want convenient, quick, and easy ways to browse and purchase products. Because it enables customers to seamlessly find and buy items, distributed commerce is a critical way that brands and retailers can meet this demand.

    Within a distributed commerce model, consumers can purchase products directly from existing content — be it a social media post or ecommerce product content — without leaving the page or platform they were browsing on. Customers can purchase products with a simple click of a button, getting the convenient shopping experience they want.

    For brands, this model helps build customer loyalty and encourages repeat business. Businesses that want to keep pace with the evolution of digital commerce and beat their competition should consider creating distributed commerce pathways through their various digital channels. Adding a “buy now” button to a social media post highlighting a product, for example, can give a business a conversion boost.

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