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    Directional Cues

    Directional cues are visual design elements on a webpage that guide the user’s attention to the most important parts of the page, such as a conversion button.

    What Are Directional Cues?

    Cohesive, dynamic web pages can attract and retain visitors, but directional cues can help influence them to take an action, pay attention to a critical area of the page, or interact with a certain element (like a button). These cues range from explicit to implicit and are strategically placed within the page to guide the visitor’s attention.

    Visitors — or potential consumers — engage with directional cues on nearly every web page, but they often do so subconsciously. Arrows, lines, and pointing are all explicit directional cues that typically direct visitors to a certain part of the page. In most cases, this would be a button that leads to purchasing options, a sign-up form, or other converting elements.

    Implicit directional cues include color contrast, typographical hierarchy, or models’ eyes looking toward the key element of the page. In ecommerce, these cues help engage consumers and lead them ever-closer to purchasing a product.

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