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    Digital Experience Management

    Digital experience management refers to the ways brands optimize their experience to provide customers with relevant and engaging information they need to discover, browse, and buy products.

    What Is Digital Experience Management?

    In today’s fast-paced ecommerce landscape, enabling a positive customer experience is critical to success on the digital shelf. Customers’ engagement with brands influences their future interactions and purchasing decisions with that brand, so managing that experience is key.

    Digital experience management is the process of monitoring, optimizing, and refining the customer experience online. For successful digital experience management, brands and retailers must first gather insights and data about how their customers are engaging with their brand presence online, including on websites, ecommerce platforms, and social media. 

    After businesses have insight into their customer experience, they can identify areas where consumers are getting stuck on the purchasing pathway, streamline costly or clunky workflows, and ensure they’re delivering a cohesive experience across all their customer touch points.

    This is especially critical for businesses with omnichannel marketing strategies. Maintaining a consistent brand message across channels is core to digital experience management.

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