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    Digital Asset Management (DAM)

    Digital asset management (DAM), which can also be referred to as digital content management, is the process businesses use to organize, store, and deliver rich media content.

    What Is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

    Up-to-date digital assets — such as images, videos, music, animations, or other multimedia content — are critical components of a meaningful, consistent brand experience. Brands that deliver dynamic rich media to consumers are more likely to build customer loyalty and generate repeat business.

    Without creating and maintaining a centralized asset database, however, businesses run the risk of circulating inaccurate or outdated rich media, which can frustrate shoppers and create inconsistency across brand channels.

    A digital asset management (DAM) system empowers ecommerce, marketing, and product teams by giving them access to the organization’s approved digital media files in one central location. From there, teams can transform or distribute assets as needed.

    DAM systems help businesses save time otherwise spent on updating or recreating rich media. With one single media ecosystem, teams can contribute to the digital asset library and ensure all media is brand-aligned, consistent, and up-to-date.

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