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    Design Match

    Design match refers to how well the branded elements of marketing materials align with that of a business’s product or landing page.

    What Is Design Match?

    Creating cohesive branding across sales channels and marketing collateral is critical for today’s ecommerce businesses. This consistency fosters trust, respect, and credibility with consumers and can ultimately boost your bottom line. Design match is a way of evaluating this consistency across marketing materials.

    Many businesses attract and capture consumers through social media, email newsletters, and ads, for example. If a consumer clicks through an email newsletter to arrive at a vastly different product page with misaligned visual design and inconsistent product data, they’re likely to jump to a competitor’s product quickly. In these cases, without a design match, brands lose customer loyalty and hinder their reputation in the market.

    When those designs match, however, the customer likely perceives the brand as reliable, professional, and worthy of their business. That’s why it’s important for brands to have strong, comprehensive style guidelines to ensure that any and all marketing materials match their branding visually and textually.

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