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    Cross-Functional Team

    A cross-functional team is a work group comprising members from various departments or areas across an organization who collaborate to complete specific tasks.

    What Is a Cross-Functional Team?

    Some organizations segment and silo departments that each have employees with specific expertise. This segmentation, however, can create workflow inefficiencies and strategic misalignments that can negatively impact the business overall.

    A cross-functional team is a group of employees from different departments who collaborate to achieve a specific goal or objective.

    Say an ecommerce business is launching a new product, for example. A cross-functional team in this scenario might comprise:

    • A product developer who knows the ins and outs of the new item;
    • A salesperson who needs to learn from that product expert to sell the product;
    • A marketing lead who can work with sales to create effective messaging about the product; and
    • An IT rep who can help sales and marketing create converting landing pages for the new item.

    This cross-functional team will collaborate according to one objective, to get the product into consumers’ hands quickly.

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