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    Credibility refers to a brand’s reputation as reliable and honest, which is built over time and can drive customer loyalty.

    What Is Credibility?

    Building trust with consumers is critical to ecommerce success today, as consumers have an ever-increasing number of options for where to shop. When brands are able to build and sustain credibility, they often attract more consumers and win more business.

    Building credibility as an honest, transparent, and reliable brand is about creating positive customer experiences in which consumers get the right product information at the right time and can depend on the brand to meet their needs.

    When a customer can quickly navigate to a product page on a brand’s website; access thorough, helpful, and informative product details; and get transparent information about pricing, shipping, and delivery, they’re more likely to put their loyalty in that brand.

    Having consistent, cohesive branding across all sales channels is another core principle of building credibility. If customers perceive a brand as inconsistent or messy, they’ll likely take their business elsewhere. 

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