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    Competitive Landscape

    A competitive landscape refers to the number and type of different businesses that compete for consumer engagement and sales within a particular market segment.

    What Is a Competitive Landscape?

    The competitive landscape comprises all of the brands within a particular market segment — those that offer similar or related products through similar channels — that consumers have to choose from.

    Understanding how to compete within a particular market requires ecommerce brands to understand their full competitive landscape, including knowing which brands sell similar products, how those brands engage customers, and what market share those brands own.

    By conducting a competitive landscape analysis, ecommerce businesses can not only understand their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, but also identify potential market obstacles that might impede their own success.

    A competitive landscape analysis helps brands gain a bird’s-eye view of:

    • Product pricing within the market, which enables them to price their own items strategically;
    • Competitors’ positioning and marketing strategies, which helps them find creative ways to fill gaps; and
    • Competitors’ sales and search engine optimization (SEO) performance, which helps them form better sales strategies.

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