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    Co-branding is when multiple brands market a product or service using each of their names in collaboration.

    What Is Co-Branding?

    As a marketing strategy, co-branding builds on the collective power of multiple brand names to promote a product or service. The brands use their logos, names, identities, and clout to increase the perceived value of the product with the goal of making it more enticing to consumers.

    When businesses use a co-branding strategy, they help drive brand awareness to themselves and their partnering brands. Business “A,” for example, might sell products primarily to millennial tech enthusiasts, while business “B” might drive toward new tech users. By combining their brand identities to promote a product, each business gains access to an expanded customer base.

    Co-branding typically occurs when two or more brands decide to create and/or market a product together. It can also happen when a parent brand merges with or acquires another lesser-known brand. By maintaining each brand’s identity, the parent brand can expand its market share.

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