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    Brand Identity

    Brand identity comprises a brand’s values, background, image, and essence, which are all conveyed through visual elements and assets.

    What Is Brand Identity?

    Just as every person has a unique identity based on their personal and cultural background, so does every brand. A brand identity is the core elements of a brand, which the business communicates to consumers through a combination of elements.

    These elements include visual branding (such as logos and color palettes), actions (such as social, business, and financial decision-making), and positioning (how the brand differentiates itself from the competition).

    To have an effective brand identity, the business must first identify who they are and what they stand for. Identifying a core mission — why the brand exists and what gap it fills — and values — the beliefs and stances that drive the brand — is a great starting point.

    After identifying their identity, businesses then need to communicate it to both internal employees and external consumers via assets and other marketing materials. This helps create a cohesive brand experience for everyone.

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