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    An audience comprises the particular people or demographics that a business works to target and engage through concerted marketing and sales efforts.

    What Is an Audience?

    No ecommerce business can connect with every single consumer. In fact, those that try often end up spreading themselves too thin, ultimately losing business. That’s why successful brands identify and market directly to a target audience. Doing so enables them to put their efforts toward selling products to the consumers who need or want them most.

    Having a clear target audience is especially important given that today’s consumers increasingly expect personalized shopping experiences with brands that closely align with their needs and values. 

    Some brands create specific audience segments, each with their own interests, needs, and identities, to better connect products with particular consumers. An outdoor sporting goods store, for example, might target extreme outdoors enthusiasts to sell some of their high-end, expert gear. They might target entry-level sportspeople, on the other hand, for their beginner’s equipment. Brands can learn who their audiences are through consumer research and buying data.

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