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    Attention-Driven Design

    Attention-driven design is a customer engagement tactic in which a business visually designs a webpage to draw the consumer’s eye to the most important parts.

    What Is Attention-Driven Design?

    While businesses include dozens of important information, links, buttons, data, and other engaging content on a webpage, they often have one clear goal: encourage the consumer to make a purchase. 

    Attention-driven design is a practice in which the business constructs their page to draw the eye to the most important areas, typically including the purchase button or other high-converting areas.

    When employing attention-driven design, the business will use several different visual cues — including color contrast, typographical hierarchy, strategic proximity, and several other tactics — to capture and retain the consumer’s attention.

    For example, a business might design a product detail page or product advertisement that includes the product name at the top of the page in a much larger font than the rest of the text. The purchase button will be a different color than the rest of the page, and the product details will likely include bullet points to encourage readability.

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