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    A/A Testing

    A/A testing is a method of evaluating a variable — such as a blog post or a button — in which a business assesses two groups’ separate engagement with that variable.

    What Is A/A Testing?

    In A/B testing, a business’s marketing or product team will evaluate how two or more audiences engage with different variables. The business might create two different email subject lines, for example, then assess how many readers clicked through to the email per subject line. This tests the effectiveness of one variable over another.

    A/A testing, on the other hand, evaluates two or more groups’ engagement with the same variable. The business might offer a pop-up for a newsletter sign-up to one group and assess how many filled out the form. Then, they’ll offer the same pop-up to another group of site visitors, hypothesizing that roughly the same number of participants will fill out the form.

    If the two groups function similarly, the business has confirmed the effectiveness of their variable. For this A/A testing to be successful, however, they need a clear key performance indicator (KPI) to measure.

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