GDSN Data Pools for the Digital Shelf

The GDSN is a data standard, but data pools can differ considerably — making the selection process demanding. The current limitations of the standard force data pools to sidestep requirements, eschewing the best interests of brands.

When evaluating GDSN data pools, it’s important to consider the following questions for each data pool:

  • How does it support GDD attributes?
  • How does it support top-off attributes, including both key-value pairs and RDD?
  • Is it interoperable with every other important data pool?
  • What are the methods of communication?
  • What features does its web portal provide?
  • Does it allow bulk uploads?
  • What is its pricing model?

The GDSN can work for the digital shelf: GDSN data pools must provide complete interoperability, GDD attribute support, and transparency into GDSN target requirements. They must also offer efficient data movement processes, clear messaging capabilities, streamlined user interfaces, and cost-plus pricing models.