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Enhanced content tells your brand story and drives conversions

Salsify is the first PXM platform to power the creation and syndication of enhanced content across Amazon and Walmart

 Enhanced content gives you freedom for brand expression that makes your products stand out, without the traditional content requirements and ownership constraints. Even better, data from Walmart shows that enhanced content drives conversions online by up to 36%. Expand your capability to efficiently deliver enhanced content across your entire product portfolio on your most important online channels. 

With Salsify, create and deliver enhanced content alongside the rest of your product experience with no manual labor or complicated vendor relationships.


Build enhanced content easily and scale it instantly

Creating and managing rich content with Salsify is faster and easier than using specialty vendors that only allow you to work manually on one-SKU-at-a-time. Our enhanced content editor enables users to easily create layouts for hundreds of SKUs in bulk, each with unique content that meets retailer requirements.


Increase efficiency through unified PXM approach

Control your content above and below the fold from one platform. Draw insight from and keep all product content aligned, accurate, and up-to-date. The only Product Experience Management platform with enhanced content capabilities, Salsify streamlines your enhanced SKU management by reducing manual changes.


Drive Amazon and Walmart conversions with rapid syndication

Scale your enhanced content creation and syndication in bulk to more SKUs on Amazon and Walmart. Salsify is the only platform that can publish A+ content to Amazon. Using Salsify, you can take control of brand expression and improve conversions across your product catalogs.

Quickly build your enhanced content with Salsify pre-built templates


Then scale, syndicate, and drive conversions.

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