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    Grow with Salsify Wherever You're Rooted

    At Salsify, we are looking to bring the best people to our team; no matter what place you call home, what background you’re coming from, or how you identify. We recognize that top talent doesn’t reside in one location, so neither do we.

    What We Do at Salsify

    When’s the last time you shopped for something on your phone or computer? That’s the digital experience we’re powering for thousands of the world’s biggest brands and retailers. We provide the platform to manage, activate, engage, and optimize the product content that every consumer around the world uses to discover, compare, and buy. The opportunity is huge, and we need awesome brains to make it happen. Come be a part of something big.


    Our Work Perks

    Open Vacation Policy Our distributed team members here are empowered to keep a healthy work-life balance, which is why we have flexible vacation hours. Employees take time off based on what’s important to them - from a vacation with friends to catching their child’s school play.
    Generous Benefits As a global company, we offer health, dental, and vision, with additional country specific benefits to accommodate our team and extended family at all stages of life.
    Referral Bonuses We love our employees, but we really love when our employees recruit their friends to join our team, so we offer generous bonuses to those who get new members on board.
    Employee Empowerment Our main goal is to always support employee learning and development. Employee led groups, such as Salsify's Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, help facilitate positive company changes.
    Community Involvement We encourage our employees to volunteer in the community that surrounds us. In addition to this, each office has different initiatives serving their locations. In Boston, we partner with Boston Public Schools and host hands-on STEM events bi-annually. In our EMEA offices, our CSE in Paris spearheads efforts for the environment while Lisbon hosts give back events.
    Constantly Celebrating We take pride in celebrating our team #wins, but we also love to celebrate everything in between. Monthly birthdays, growing families, or getting the best boxing workout in, pretty much nothing goes without some confetti!
    Maternity & Paternity We are very supportive of growing families at Salsify, and make it easy for employees to take the time needed to help raise any children they have. In the US, Salsify offers a 16 week paid leave for birthing parents & 10 week paid parental leave program for non-birthing parents to take during the first year of the birth or adoption of a child or children.
    Equity Everyone gets a piece of the pie - Salsify grants every employee equity!

    Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

    At Salsify, we value authenticity and the power of human differences. We believe the strongest and happiest teams respect diverse perspectives while fostering an ongoing commitment to inclusion. To us inclusion means that everybody, regardless of their life experiences, must be heard, accepted, and contribute to our mission and core values.

    We commit to building and celebrating diversity and inclusion across Salsify to deliver the greatest impact and best experience to our employees and customers.

    And we believe actions speak louder than words.

    Leading with Equity

    Salsify Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) Report

    Download our ED&I report to learn about our commitment to building trust and transparency, prioritizing intersectionality, representation and retention, creating a culture of inclusion, learning and development, as well as how we will hold ourselves accountable to these commitments.

    download report

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    Our Values

    They guide what we do, what we build, and who we hire.

    Culture Values Indivudual-01
    We Care Deeply We care about each other, our product and customers. We are passionate about what we do and who we do it for.
    Culture Values Indivudual-02
    We Are Empowered to Take Action We take the initiative to step in and own work, but also know when to raise concerns and ask questions.
    Culture Values Indivudual-03
    We Trust in the Power of Our Team We are continuously improving and don’t make the same mistake twice. We believe in the abilities and characters of our teammates.
    Culture Values Indivudual-04
    We Are Problem Solvers We prioritize thoughtfully, knowing we can’t solve it all. We turn towards big problems and find the challenge of it motivating.

    We look forward to meeting you!


    Ask an Employee: What Is Your Biggest Salsify Achievement?

    "It's often a challenge for our team to "break into" the inner circle teams at retailers. It's important for us to connect with teams like merchants, support, brand advocates, etc. because we want them to see the value that we bring to their businesses and also to their brand customers, who these teams work most closely with. After much persistence, I was able to host a webinar with the internal teams at one of our retailers and had almost 100 people join!"

    Alex Alves
    Retail Success Manager

    "Definitely my first deal at Salsify! Having come from a completely different industry for the first 10 years of my sales career, it definitely took me some time to close my first customer.  They’re now one of our biggest and most successful customers which obviously makes it all worth it!"

    Nikki Johnston
    Account Executive

    "Being Promoted to Senior Consultant and being nominated by my peers to work help make the BDR org run smoothly on all phases."

    Ahmad Tyler
    Senior Business Development Representative


    Salsify Named Wealthfront's
    "Career-Launching Companies"

    2020 List