Your Product Content Drives Sales.

Salsify helps you take charge.

Brands & Manufacturers

Sell more products through more channels with the best content possible.

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My email load has dropped by half. Salsify just lets everybody know what they need to do, automatically. That includes me!

We know that getting our content out sooner, more accurately, and at a much higher level of quality is improving our sales. We can see it.

When anyone asks where things stand on launching a new seasonal assortment, I can now give very precise answer.

I have all this time now that I didn’t have before Salsify. I’ve changed from struggling to get things barely done to really thinking about how to make our content awesome.

Salsify Product Content Network

Distributors & Retailers

Accelerate item onboarding and increase the product assortment from your suppliers.

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Key Benefits…

For Suppliers

No More Spreadsheet Headaches

Every distribution channel needs different things in different formats. Salsify automatically generates the spreadsheets, images, and more your retailers need. We’ll deliver it the way they want it.

For Retailers

No More Chasing Suppliers

You’re onboarding items from suppliers all the time, on different schedules and with different levels of accuracy. You can manage the process with Salsify buy automatically validating content that’s submitted, sending friendly reminders for content that’s late, and letting you easily see where everything is in the process.

All Your Product Content in One Place

The content you need to sell your products – images, copy, properties, and more – is touched by your entire company, from product development to marketing and sales. Salsify brings it all together in one place.

Merchandising Maximized

Collecting and onboarding even baseline content for new item setups can be a full-time job. Salsify takes the drudgery out so merchants can focus on the things that drive sales.

Built for Marketers; Works with I.T.

You’ll love how easy Salsify is to use, and your IT team will appreciate how modern it is.

Built for Merchants; Works with I.T.

You can start using Salsify right away – there’s nothing to install and no need to bother IT to get going. Salsify can send your systems what they already expect. And if IT does get involved they will love how easy it is to work with.