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    Q2 2024
    What’s New at Salsify?

    Commerce is constantly changing — and Salsify can help you keep up. Explore the latest news and updates for Salsify products with our quarterly breakdown, and learn how these changes can help you win on the digital shelf.

    Grocery Accelerator Enhancements

    Grocery Accelerator Enhancements - PXM Advance exclusive!

    Simplify and streamline the validation process for grocery product content to ensure accuracy, improve quality, and reduce risk.

    • Side-by-side visualizations for nutrition information suggestions and more detailed copy suggestion explanations help you understand and act on feedback more effectively so you can provide complete, accurate, and high-quality data to retailers.
    • Regulated information, such as allergen, claim, and nutrition information, now goes through both AI-powered and human-powered reviews to accelerate the review process while ensuring that the product content you provide to retailers matches your on-package information to reduce the risk of errors and discrepancies.

    Learn more about Grocery Accelerator

    PXM Network Expansion

    Walmart Omnispec Connection: Available Now!

    Walmart’s Omnispec Connection is now available to help suppliers publish their best-quality content and meet Walmart’s Content Health requirements!

    • The Walmart OmniSpec Connection is a suite of Salsify channels that you can use to manage your product content in Walmart’s Item 360 portal.
    • Benefits include expanded attribute support, the ability to submit trade item configurations without GDSN, enhanced feedback, content. ownership, and secure authentication.
    • Learn more about migrating to the new connection in this Knowledge Base article!
    • Learn more from Walmart about their API by watching this on-demand webinar.

    New Enhanced Content Destination

    • You can now send below-the-fold content to Bass Pro/Cabelas.
    • Navigate to the Enhanced Content Settings page to enable this retailer and get started building engaging layouts today!
    bassproshops-logo cabelas-logo


    GDSN Enhancements

    New Feedback Status Report

    Salsify’s new GDSN Feedback Status Report allows you to review all feedback for your GDSN publications in a single, consolidated view.

    • Brings together Catalogue Item Confirmation (CIC) errors and warnings, Global Registry errors, and Salsify validation errors into one consolidated Feedback Status Report.
    • Identify your most urgent product publication errors at a glance or filter by feedback source and type.
    • Find this new report under ‘GDSN Status Reports’.

    GS1 GDSN Maintenance Release 3.1.27

    Salsify has updated our GDSN data pool attributes to incorporate all changes in the latest GS1 GDSN maintenance release (3.1.20).

    • GS1 issues quarterly maintenance updates that consist of community-requested changes, including new attributes, adjusted values, and minor error corrections.
    • As a fully certified GDSN data pool, Salsify is committed to incorporating all necessary changes into our GDSN product in a complete and timely manner.
    • The latest changes from this maintenance release include 44 new attributes, 4 deleted attributes, 6 changed attributes, and validation rule changes.
    • This update is available now in pre-production, and will be deployed according to GS1’s release schedule.

    GDSN European Pilot Markets

    Salsify is piloting several European GDSN markets this year for potential support in 2025, including:

    • Finland
    • Sweden
    • Spain
    • Norway
    • Demark

    Interested? Reach out to your CSM to participate in the pilot!

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