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    Q2 2023
    What’s New at Salsify?

    Commerce is constantly changing — and Salsify can help you keep up. Explore the latest news and updates for Salsify products with our quarterly breakdown, and learn how these changes can help you win on the digital shelf.

    PXM Network

    Leverage more connectivity to streamline product content syndication

    Salsify’s PXM Network is the only unified, continuously adaptive syndication network consisting of brands and retailers of all sizes, regions, and verticals. The network facilitates deep, two-way collaboration and automation at every stage of syndication to deliver winning product experiences.

    Learn more about the Salsify PXM Network.

    Amazon Australia 1P

    Direct connection for New Item Setup and Content Refresh to Amazon Vendor Central. Amazon requirements, validations and feedback are surfaced automatically in the channel.

    Amazon A+ Market Expansion

    Create and publish conversion-driving A+ layouts to ten more Amazon marketplaces: Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, India, Japan, and Australia, supporting both 1P and 3P.

    RD Furniture Enhanced Content (CA)

    Build engaging enhanced content layouts that increase conversion rates to publish to the furniture retailer.

    Sephora France GDSN

    Beginning this year, brands sending product data to Sephora FR must use GDSN. The Sephora FR data model includes 231 GDSN attributes, plus 36 Sephora-specific attributes.

    GDSN France Market Support

    Products synchronized to trading partners in France will be validated against regional business rules.

    GDSN Enhancements

    Sync product data with greater efficiency from a unified PXM platform


    GS1 DE DQX Requirement Support

    Customers want to be sure that the product they’re buying has reliable data. The Data Quality Exchange (DQX) program was created to address this problem.

    Mandatory for Food and Near Food manufacturers since May, DQX is something you need to care about if you sell in Germany: 

    • You can choose the method that best fits your needs: ComfortCheck or SelfCheck
    • All you need to do is add the new ‘German Market - DQX’ scope to you GDSN channel
    • By adhering to the program, you will comply with the data quality requirements from the top retailers in the market


    Data Quality Excellence (DQX)

    Visual inspection of product must be done to ensure consistency of information between packaging and GDSN digital information

    GS1 allows 2 (two) methods to conduct this and remain in compliance with requirements: ComfortCheck and SelfCheck


    • Method 1: ComfortCheck: Brands send the packaging artwork. GS1 Germany carries out the visual inspection of the product packaging
    • Method 2: SelfCheck: Brands that have achieved a 97% Data Quality score can get certified to carry out the visual inspection of the product packaging themselves

    GS1 DQX Requirement Support

    Relevant attributes for the required Data Quality Excellence GS1 Germany program (impacted food and food-adjacent brands) are implemented.

    GS1 3.1.23

    Support for the GS1 maintenance release, which includes multiple attribute deprecations.

    GTIN Status Report

    Enables customers to track the real-time status of their GTIN publication to the global registry and trading partners with enhanced feedback and new self-service capabilities.

    Syndicate Faster

    Send product content to retailers quicker to spend more time in market

    More and more recipients are opting for brand-owned content thru Open Catalog


    • 4,000+ Salsify PXM brands published content to Open Catalog
    • 125K SKUs published to Open Catalog
    • 163 recipients opted-in to pull content from Open Catalog

    Are you taking advantage of Open Catalog?


    • Easily increase your reach on the digital shelf with just one channel
    • Ensure a consistent product experience anywhere and everywhere
    • Win new audiences and drive more revenue with minimal additional effort
    • Built on top of Salsify’s unified PXM platform

    70+ standard attributes including:


    • Core information
    • Images, including nutritional panels
    • Ingredients
    • Dietary and category specific attributes


    Supported Verticals: Grocery, Alcoholic Beverage, and Petcare. More verticals being introduced soon.

    Getting Started With Open Catalog Workflow

    It’s simpler and faster than ever to begin sharing up-to-date product content with hundreds of retailers 


    • Collect the relevant inputs in just a few minutes
    • Attribute mapping is done on your behalf


    Getting Started with Open Catalog Workflow

    Get started publishing standardized product content to hundreds of grocery, alcohol, and petcare retailers.

    Faster Readiness Report Exports

    Increased export performance time for Readiness Reports, CSV exports, and JSON exports. Shrinking export run time from hours to minutes.

    Amazon Feedback Improvements

    Adding [Enriched Feedback] labels to feedback and incorporating numerical error code from Amazon when applicable.

    Wayfair Instructions Tab

    Wayfair Templated Export channel will have available a new tab in their channel compiling all best practices and instructions to submit the file to Wayfair Partner Home.

    RoughDraftPro Accelerator

    Submit product name, description, brand and feature bullets to OpenAI to get optimized feature bullets and description copy via a workflow built by Sitation.

    Bynder Connector by Gournay Consulting

    Seamlessly deliver digital assets from Bynder to Salsify to provide a way to centrally manage digital assets alongside your product data. Built by Gournay Consulting, this API connection enables brands to streamline and optimize the flow of assets and meta-data increasing efficiency and speeding up time to market.

    Additional Q2 Releases: PXM Features

    Leverage easy and efficient end-to-end syndication experience

    Sites Increased Asset Export Limit

    Increasing the asset export limit by 2400%, moving from 200 assets to 5000 assets for increased ease of use.

    Secure Credential Management

    Allows users to securely store secrets (e.g. API keys or webhook URLs) and use them in their workflows to prevent security leaks or exposure to vulnerabilities.

    Workflow Overview Page

    Each Workflow will now have an overview page, accessed via the workflow index page, to provide detailed information and ensure seamless handoff from Flow Creator to Flow owner. This page will also show basic settings and high level metrics about this workflow.

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