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    Q1 2023
    What’s New at Salsify?

    Commerce is constantly changing — and Salsify can help you keep up. Explore the latest news and updates for Salsify products with our quarterly breakdown, and learn how these changes can help you win on the digital shelf.

    Superior Activation Network


    DoorDash Direct Connection

    Experience more streamlined publishing to DoorDash with a direct connection supporting full content refresh


    Brands can now syndicate over 100 content refresh attributes to DoorDash

    • Salsify always surfaces the latest retailer requirements from DoorDash
    • Content is validated against requirements prior to syndication in the Salsify Readiness Report
    • Feedback is surfaced in-app for immediate review and resolution




    GDSN expands to BENELUX

    Regional business validations run in Salsify Product for our GDSN customers.


    Products synchronized to Trading Partners in the BENELUX Region will be validated against regional business rules

    • Improved capability to scale up and manage multiple market specific validations
    • Reduces the time and effort required to successfully complete your synchronizations in these regions


    Easy and Efficient Activation


    Faster Amazon ASIN Collection

    Streamlines the collection of ASINs after new products have been setup with Amazon


    Cuts down on manual time locating individual ASINs (go from days to mere minutes!)

    File can be uploaded to Salsify PIM to easily access for future syndication

    • Plus: Having ASINs helps you get started with other products like Enhanced Content and Insights and features like Last Mile Visibility


    Enhanced Content Analytics

    Understand the impact and performance of enhanced content layouts published to digital endpoints.


    Quickly visualize your real-time enhanced content product coverage and identify opportunities to expand digital shelf reach

    Inform your below-the-fold content strategy to grow product and retailer coverage

    See impression totals by retailer to understand how much traffic your pages are earning

    Metrics Include:

    • Impression Count
    • Product Reach
    • Product Catalog Coverage





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