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    Q2 2022
    What’s New at Salsify?

    Commerce is constantly changing — and Salsify can help you keep up. Explore the latest news and updates for Salsify products with our quarterly breakdown, and learn how these changes can help you win on the digital shelf.

    Accelerate Retail Network Expansion


    Walmart Canada Enhanced Content

    Create custom rich media pages with the Salsify Enhanced Content Experience Builder and preview the layouts before they are live.

    Publish rich media in bulk to Walmart Canada for multiple products.

    Ensure product accuracy and brand experience consistency across your entire product assortment on Walmart Canada.

    • Support for localized content in Canada (EN & FR)


    Brands that leverage Salsify Enhanced Content see 15% increase in conversion rates.


    Instacart Direct Connection: Canada

    Publish engaging product pages on the Instacart Canada catalog with a streamlined direct connection. 

    • Syndicate product content to the Instacart Canada catalog in near real-time
    • Easily syndicate required localized content (both English and French content)
    • Leverage enterprise-grade workflows and scalability of Salsify to collaborate with regional or global teams with ease


    Amazon Selling Partner API Enhancements

    Continuing the global expansion of capabilities on the unified Amazon Selling Partner API

    • Cascaded Scoping: Enabling brands to select the category/sub-category/item type keyword that best applies to their products
    • Validation Improvements: Conditional requirement rules to help reduce validation errors of certain contingent attributes
    • Expanding publishing capabilities to: Poland, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil

    Power Commerce


    Variant Options for Shopify

    Create and order your channel-specific variant options and variant option values.

    • Have more control of your ecommerce product content directly within Salsify
    • Avoid duplicate effort by defining these upfront and then flowing to Shopify
    • Collaborate across teams with everyone working in a single platform


    “I want the ability to sort my product variants on my D2C site.”



    Custom Records Workflow

    Workflow support for records!

    • Action non-product entities, that are modeled as Records in workflow
    • Enrich color, material, brand, just as you would a product or digital asset
    • Trigger custom records workflows manually or w/ event subscriptions



    Workflow: Advanced Task Search

    Customers need to easily be able to locate their tasks to efficiently execute their work. Advanced Task Search, allows an admin to define up to 10 searchable properties that can surface tasks by inputting values in the task list search bar.

    • Reduce wasted time/effort by making it easier to locate work (tasks) within the task list.

    • Provide customers with more control over how their teams work within Salsify

    “I wish there was a way to search by name. Because I work with specific SKUs, sometimes I want to be able to search the list by name/number to find those easier.”

    Automate Business Operations

    Activity Reporting

    Have complete transparency on data changes in Salsify. Generate reports that showcase any data change in the platform.

    • Create a custom report of all activity across a product or set of products
    • Customize which products to include, what events you care about, specific properties or channels, users, timeframe, and more
    • Rerun reports ad hoc or on a schedule to stay on top of changes


    “We need to see all product changes that were made each day in a report or download in order to report back to sales stakeholders when product information is updated and exactly what was updated.”

    Enhanced Validation Rules

    Ensure increased accuracy and completeness of content with Conditional Validations: 

    • Allow validation rules to be contingent upon fields beyond their taxonomy
    • Define conditional validation rules selections at both the global and taxonomy-node level
    • Create conditional validations in a more efficient, user friendly way


    “Would like to build out applicably scoped validations. ex) if a product has Hazardous Materials = Yes, then these x-number of additional properties become required.”

    Automated Insights Self-Service Configuration

    Seamlessly setup new Insights reports and make changes to existing reports.

    • Get started with Salsify Automated Insights immediately
    • Configure new reports with easy-to-follow Reports Configuration Setup Guide
    • Simply make changes to existing reports: anything from changing a report title, to adjusting the user permissions, to adding/removing products


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