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    Q1 2022
    What’s New at Salsify?

    Commerce is constantly changing — and Salsify can help you keep up. Explore the latest news and updates for Salsify products with our quarterly breakdown, and learn how these changes can help you win on the digital shelf.

    Usability and User Experience Updates


    Workflow Enhancements

    Workflow Library

    The Workflow Library introduces dozens of best-practice templates, with guided instructions to help you configure Workflows regardless of your expertise level

    Task Imports

    Streamline bulk data entry and review, while decreasing time to populate product data

    Bulk Task View

    Review, edit and resolve tasks in bulk within a single table view

    Action Bar

    Easily transition from the task list to single task view to bulk task view


    Property Usage Reporting

    The Property Usage Report provides an efficient way to identify where properties are used within your organization.

    • Confirm that it is safe to delete a property
    • Identify the work required to replace a property
    • Perform audits of where content is used within your organization




    Content-Rich Experiences on More Destinations


    Amazon A+ API

    A faster, more streamlined way to publish engaging below-the-fold brand experiences on Amazon that drive conversion.

    • Faster publishing
    • No monthly publishing limits
    • Content validations and feedback available in Salsify
    • Publish enhanced content to Amazon Seller Central product pages (3P)


    Enhanced Content Software Development Kit

    Salsify Enhanced Content Software Development Kit (SDK) is a self-service implementation package for retailers that enables Salsify to scale our network of retail destinations for enhanced content.

    By making the Salsify Enhanced Content SDK Self-Service, we are able to more easily and quickly offer new retail destinations to our brand customers to publish enhanced content.

    • Brands can publish more enhanced content to more destinations -  Salsify Enhanced Content lifts conversion rate by 10%*
    • Increased prioritization of retailer requests to explore new destinations
    Amazon Retail Partner



    Amazon Selling Partner API

    A unified syndication service for all Amazon suppliers.

    Benefits include:

    • Faster publishing to Amazon for all 1P customers (consumables, softlines, hardlines)

    • Real-time data requirement updates via the Salsify Readiness Report

    • Image submissions are supported with in-app feedback

    • Support for syndicating Supplier Pack Hierarchy (SPH) attributes

      Partial content refresh; you no longer need to validate full product catalog




    eBay Direct Connection

    Salsify’s Orders & Inventory module now has a direct connection with eBay for product content, inventory, and orders.

    • Publish content and inventory to eBay to create listings
    • Manage orders within Salsify: Import orders, send tracking information, and cancel orders

    This direct connection accelerates a brand's ability to list their products and capture sales on eBay, the second largest marketplace in the U.S. (behind Amazon).

    Salsify Product Launch Webinar

    Learn about the most significant product features being launched for ProductXM this quarter.

    This webinar covers feature launches related to all of our ProductXM solutions, including Activation, PIM, DTC, Marketplace Commerce, GDSN, Enhanced Content, and Insights. Our presenters will provide an overview of the business value of each launch and live demos for some of the newest features.

    Product Launch Webinar

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