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    Q4 2021
    What’s New at Salsify?

    Commerce is constantly changing — and Salsify can help you keep up. Explore the latest news and updates for Salsify products with our quarterly breakdown, and learn how these changes can help you win on the digital shelf.

    More coverage of your product information

    Keep up with the volatile digital shelf with one flexible system of record. Centralize and manage more of your product information in one flexible system of record that can scale to meet multiple, differing criteria.


    Custom Records

    The ability to store related content in a centralized, non-repetitive manner.

    • Extend your data modeling capabilities with the ability to store and manage non-product data.
    • Product-adjacent data can include things such as brand, colors, materials, and categories.
    • Save time and be confident in your data quality with a centralized way to manage your product-adjacent data.


    More content-rich experiences on more destinations

    Be everywhere your customers are while standing out from the crowd. Activate content-rich product experiences to more destinations to support omnichannel sales offerings.




    Albertsons Enhanced Content

    A streamlined way to create engaging consumer experiences that drive conversion on Albertsons.

    • Create enhanced content pages with the Experience Builder and preview the layout before it’s live.
    • Syndicate enhanced content in bulk to multiple Albertsons destinations and for multiple products.
    • Ensure product accuracy and brand experience consistency across your entire product assortment on Albertsons.


    Amazon Selling Partner API

    A unified syndication service for all Amazon suppliers. 

    • Faster publishing to Amazon for all customers (consumables, softlines, hardlines)
    • Real-time data requirement updates via the Salsify Readiness Report
    • Partial content refresh; no longer need to validate full product catalog
    • Image submissions are supported with 
      in-app feedback
    • Support for syndicating Supplier Pack Hierarchy (SPH) attributes 





    Amazon A+ regional expansion (Canada, EU5)

    Global teams rely on Enhanced Content by Salsify to create engaging consumer experiences that drive conversion on Amazon CA and EU-5 (UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy). 

    • Build A+ Content layouts at scale using the intuitive Experience Builder and preview your content before it’s live.

    • With localized content support, easily publish custom content to each country.

    • Syndicate in bulk for multiple products and to all destinations simultaneously.

    More scale for your direct-selling strategies

    Inform and accelerate your multi-channel sales strategy. Experiment with and scale your direct selling business on marketplace, social media, and your brand-owned D2C site


    eBay Direct Connection

    A new direct connection with eBay that makes it easy for brands to syndicate product content, inventory, and orders from Salsify.

    • Publish content and allocated inventory to eBay to create listings
    • Manage orders within Salsify in a standardized format
    • Accelerate direct fulfillment sales through key strategic Marketplace





    D2C Performance Report

    An aggregated sales dashboard showing you order volume from across your marketplace commerce sites.  Overlay internal events and activities to visualize the impact of those activities on sales performance. 

    • Create and view custom events within the commerce dashboard
    • Correlate the impact of these internal activities to the marketplaces sales data
    • Leverage visibility and insights for better collaboration across internal teams.



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