What Is Verified by GS1? A Human Guide for Brand Manufacturers


Why Was Verified by GS1 Created?

There is a simple origin story for Verified by GS1: There was a need for GTINs to actually be reliable, unique, global identifiers for the digital shelf — correcting industry mistakes from the last 10-plus years.

While uniqueness may seem like a simple goal, the market is not currently meeting this standard. There are still incorrect product detail pages on retailer and distributor websites. (In fact, some even show the entirely wrong product.)

But what has led retailers and distributors to create internal ID systems? The unreliability of GTINs as truly unique identifiers combined with a lack of retailer GTIN verification ability. This move was also partially an effort to help disambiguate products. For retailers, GTINs are not reliable enough to use as real identifiers — and are, at best, a starting place.

Unfortunately, when a product is disconnected from its GTIN, trading partners lose the ability to verify whether the information is accurate or up to date. A GTIN search often results in incorrect or out-of-date information — and retailers have no way of knowing whether their information is correct.

Man Completes Paperwork in a Modern Office Verified by GS1

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