What Is Verified by GS1? A Human Guide for Brand Manufacturers


How Does Verified by GS1 Work?

Verified by GS1 is a global registry whose fundamental goal is to enforce the uniqueness of GTINs as identifiers, so a single GTIN refers to a single product — forever. With Verified by GS1, a manufacturer can no longer reuse a GTIN for multiple products, even if a product is completely discontinued.

Along with the unique product identifier (GTIN), there are six Verified by GS1 attributes:

  • Brand name
  • Product description
  • Product image URL
  • Global product classification
  • Net content and unit of measure
  • Target market

But how does Verified by GS1 achieve this goal? First, it provides a data hub where the owner of a GTIN, such as a manufacturer, inputs necessary information about that GTIN. Second, it provides a registry for the end seller of the GTIN, such as a retailer or distributor, to look up and verify that product information against content submissions from their suppliers.

Verified by GS1 empowers GTIN owners to take control of product identity in a transparent, verifiable, and public way. It then allows GTIN sellers to ensure correct product information. This initiative will help build trust between manufacturers, retailers, and consumers by reducing the frequency of misleading product detail pages (PDPs) on digital marketplaces and retailer websites.