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    The Shift to Total Growth Accountability and What’s Holding Us Back


    Across categories, ecommerce is the main growth driver for both online and offline sales. However, many of the legacy beliefs and processes don’t work for this new reality. 

    Join us on-demand for a discussion and presentation of new Digital Shelf Institute research,  “Key Strategies for Online Channel Profitability.” This research, co-authored by Molly Schonthal, Chris Perry, and Kiri Masters, supports the major shift in belief systems that brands need to make in order to succeed in an omnichannel world.

    Schonthal, Perry, and Masters have extensive ecommerce experience. Learn more about your presenters below. 

    Molly Schonthal is the leader of the Digital Shelf Institute’s Executive Forum. She’s led digital initiatives for brands such as Mars and Nokia. 

    Chris Perry is the co-founder and chief learning officer at firstmovr. He’s driven ecommerce at brands like Kellogs, WellPet, and RB, and is a former VP and advisor at ecommerce provider Edge by Ascential. 

    Kiri Masters is the founder of digital marketing agency Bobsled Marketing and the co-author of Instacart for CMOs.

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