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    MasterB2B: Man vs. Machine

    Who is going to win the war for B2B customer loyalty?


    Some say software-driven Ecommerce experiences are rendering the traditional sales and marketing team irrelevant.  Others say personal relationships will always win in B2B selling.  Who is right?  

    With 50% of customers buying from new suppliers since the COVID-19 pandemic began, traditional notions of customer loyalty are being shaken to the core.  The tremendous acceleration of Ecommerce penetration has forever changed how B2B businesses interact with customers.

    But are robots going to take control and deliver a highly personalized customer experience that no sales person could ever match? 

    Join Andy and Brian and a panel of industry experts from Bosch, Waters Corp, Bloomreach, and Salsify as they debate these issues and share actionable takeaways for industry practitioners.