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    How CGI Images & Videos Can Help You Win the Digital Shelf


    Fuel More Online Sales and Simplify How You Produce Product Content

    Amazon sellers with more than five quality images sell 73% more than sellers with fewer images. Studies show most online shoppers view 100% of images on a product display page, while only reading 20% of the written copy. As a result, retailers are demanding brand manufacturers create more product images and videos to drive higher sales.

    The challenge for marketers is finding the time, budget, and resources to produce effective digital shelf content. While marketing content from other campaigns can be repurposed, the online buyer demands unique images, 360 views, and videos to help them see why they should buy.

    Thanks to the advances in the same technology behind some of Hollywood’s animated blockbusters, ecommerce marketers can produce photo-realistic, CGI product images and videos that save time and money and require no travel, no photo shoot, and no Photoshop.

    In this session, learn how CGI is transforming how marketers create product display page content that drives more online sales – all while saving time, budget, and resources for brand marketers.