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    How Retailers Can Win on the Digital Shelf

    As consumers shift their online buying habits, their expectations for a delightful ecommerce shopping experience are becoming increasingly complex.

    Collaborate at Scale With Suppliers

    To convert shoppers into loyal customers, retailers must deliver omnichannel experiences that exceed the quality of traditional product pages.

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    Building superior consumer experiences requires collecting more product data from suppliers than ever before. The highly competitive ecommerce market also means that this data must be collected quickly and accurately.

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    Salsify Supplier Experience Management (SupplierXM) is a multitenant, cloud-based product data management solution custom-built for the digital shelf. SupplierXM allows retailers to collect, centralize, list, enrich, and publish product data from suppliers across multiple channels — wherever consumers are shopping.

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    Salsify SupplierXM Offers Interconnected Modules, Each With a Unique Function


    Salsify Product Listing

    Quickly and accurately collect all data needed to list a product.


    Salsify Content Enrichment

    Collect high-quality content necessary to optimize ecommerce experiences.

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