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    How Brand Manufacturers Can Win on the Digital Shelf

    Consumers now build connections with your brand through omnichannel shopping experiences, and these interactions must be engaging and consistent at every stage of the buying journey.

    Shopping Experiences Are the New Brand

    Consumers have more shopping options available than ever before. These options mean brand manufacturers must also manage product data across multiple sales channels, including retail and direct selling websites like branded commerce sites and marketplaces.


    Product pages have evolved into brand experiences that must serve every buying phase. These channels require customized content and bespoke syndication methods that legacy product information management (PIM) solutions aren't built to handle.


    Salsify Product Experience Management (ProductXM) has the unique capabilities required to win the digital shelf. Brand manufacturers need a solution to manage, syndicate, and optimize product content at scale to deliver superior shopping experiences.


    How Transitioning to the Salsify CommerceXM Platform Drives Success for Rawlings

    “In converting our existing data to Salsify ProductXM, we quickly discovered what product information and assets we had been lacking. Our old format wasn’t consistent across all our products.”

    Sally Vandegrift Yeast
    VP of Customer Experience and Analytics, Rawlings
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    Salsify ProductXM Offers Interconnected Modules, Each With a Unique Function


    Salsify Activation

    Syndicate and publish product content to any consumer touch point.


    Salsify CommerceXM Platform

    Collect, manage, and govern product information across the digital shelf.


    Salsify Enhanced Content

    Enrich and optimize product pages to create engaging shopping experiences.

    Salsify Resources

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