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    Salsify Partner: Zorang



    Zorang, headquartered in the San Francisco bay area, is a technology agency specializing in content, commerce, and customer experience (CX). The company excels at product information management (PIM), eCommerce, and Integration and offers consulting services that encompass strategy planning, solution design, implementation, and support to Salsify customers. Along with extensive Salsify implementation experience, with multiple referenceable customers from hardware and retail to manufacturers and distributors, Zorang offers expertise across data modeling, data migration, setting up workflows, channel configuration, content syndication, and more.

    A standout innovation from Zorang is ContentHubGPT for Salsify, an automated product content generator powered by Generative AI. This solution harnesses artificial intelligence to deliver SEO-optimized results while efficiently handling taxonomy assignment and categorization. It's a remarkable tool to create and manage the Digital Shelf within the Salsify ecosystem, enhancing the Product Experience Management (PXM) capability for your marketers and driving engaging customer experiences and your online presence.

    [CASE STUDY] Wahl Clipper reduced their product launch time from two days to just two hours with Salsify PXM and Zorang ContentHubGPT

    Wahl Clipper automated product content creation with the use of generative AI product Zorang ContentHubGPT integrated into Salsify workflows.