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    Salsify Launches Industry-First Commerce Experience Management Platform for Brand Manufacturers

    Widely Adopted Product Experience Management Capabilities Now Paired with Omnichannel Selling Experiences for Success across the Digital Shelf

    BOSTON, September 9, 2020 -- Salsify today announces the launch of its Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform, empowering brand manufacturers to win on the digital shelf by delivering the commerce experiences consumers demand anywhere they choose to shop online. 

    The expanded CommerceXM platform combines Salsify’s existing Product Experience Management solution (Integrated PIM, DAM & Experience Builder) with core commerce capabilities designed to enable sales both across retailer/distributor channels as well as  marketplaces, social commerce, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sites. 

    By integrating all the capabilities brands need to support and transact commerce experiences through one technology stack, Salsify CommerceXM enables brands to move faster than their competition to optimize every digital touchpoint for discovery, conversion, and brand affinity.

    “Both B2C and B2B brand manufacturers are now expected to engage with their customers on retail sites, direct to consumer channels, digital marketplaces, social media, mobile apps, print, in-store media, and a growing list of new interfaces,” said Jordan Jewell, research manager at International Data Corporation (IDC). “In the coming years we expect “channel explosion”, with the number of channels and digital touchpoints to continue growing. It is essential that brands can effectively manage and optimize their commerce experience - including product data, content, and supply chain data - across all of those channels, and do so in a way that scales.”

    "For Libbey, being on the forefront of commerce means that our target consumers are greeted with the same great brand experience across every digital channel, and our internal teams are operating with maximum efficiency through centralized product content and order and inventory management,” said Ryan Griffith, Sr. Director of Ecommerce at Libbey. “Salsify continues to be a great partner in helping us push the envelope towards offering a commerce experience that others in our industry simply can't touch."

    Today’s announcement includes the general availability of Salsify for Marketplace Commerce. This offering provides customers with the unique ability to manage product experiences as well as order and inventory data through a centralized listing exchange.  CommerceXM marketplace connections currently include Amazon, Google, and Facebook with additional connections going live throughout the coming months. 

    "The modern consumer expects accurate, complete, compelling, value-oriented content along with pricing, availability, reviews, product comparisons, and branding wherever they decide to shop, and it’s been that way for a few years now," said Rob Gonzalez, co-founder and CMO of Salsify. "And yet brand manufacturers are still struggling to tightly integrate supply chain, branding, and trade execution to respond to this change. A new, integrated commerce platform that is omnichannel by default is required to solve the problem. That's what we've been building toward at Salsify since the beginning, and we now have most of the core commerce capabilities required to deliver on this vision for brand manufacturers."

    "We pride ourselves on offering an incredible experience in every interaction customers have with our brand," said AJ Zambetti, Director of Creative & Brand Communications at InterMetro. "That experience starts with our ecommerce strategy. We're incredibly excited about how Salsify's CommerceXM platform ensures that no matter where customers see InterMetro's brand, ranging from our corporate site to our dealer partners who leverage our content, they will be greeted with a consistently incredible commerce experience."

    Core Components

    Salsify CommerceXM is organized into 3 fully integrated components:

    1. Product Experience Management: Create best-in-class commerce experiences with an integrated PIM, DAM & Experience Builder. 
    2. Retailer/Distributor Selling: Syndicate in-store and online product experiences across a brand’s entire indirect selling ecosystem
    3. Marketplace and D2C Selling: Manage direct commerce experiences across marketplaces, D2C brand sites, and social commerce channels with an order & inventory listing exchange in the same platform as a brand’s product content data.

    What makes CommerceXM unique is that these components are tightly integrated by Workflows and Digital Shelf Analytics that tie processes, events, and responses together across the rest of the platform. Tight coupling is key to agile response on the digital shelf.

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    Salsify today also announced Mike Milburn, former Chief Customer Officer at Salesforce, as President. Read the full announcement here.

    About Salsify

    Salsify empowers brand manufacturers to win on the digital shelf by delivering the commerce experiences consumers demand anywhere they choose to shop online. The world's biggest brands including Mars, L'Oreal, Coca-Cola, Bosch, and GSK use Salsify every day to stand out on the digital shelf. To date, Salsify has raised a total of $98.1 million in funding, led by Venrock, Matrix Partners, Greenspring Associates, Underscore VC, and North Bridge.

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